Frequently Asked Questions

Why do some of your items don't have Add to Cart?
If an item does not have Add to Cart, it is out of stock.

Who manufactures the replica weaponry?
Denix manufactures weapons in the 22- series (22-xxxx)
Kolser manufactures the 47- series (47-xxxx)
ReplicArt manufactures the 45- series  (45-xxxx)

Which replica guns do the 22-001 replica bullets fit into?
The only guns that accept the 22-001 replica bullets are the Denix 22- series western single action Army revolvers and the Schofields.

Which replica ammo fits into which western holster loops?
The 22-001 ammo will fit into 22-703, 22-704, 22-701, 22-707, and 22-708 holster loops.    
26-105DC and 26-102DC Dummy Cartridges will fit into 04-200, 04-220 and 04-100 holster loops.

Do you ship international?
No. We only ship to the USA.

Why don't you accept PayPal?

We received a phone call from PayPal saying that we are in violation of their anti gun polices. They wanted to choose which products on our website that we can use PayPal for.
They do not want us to use them for payment on any guns or ammo purchases.
Here at Replica Guns Direct, we are firm believers in the 2nd Amendment of the United States and will not use any company that is anti gun. We told them that we will be more then happy to remove them from our website and will never do business with them again.
We hope that you understand our position and we are sorry for any inconvenieces this may cause you.
Also, We hope that you tell all your friends and family about PayPal's anti gun polices and ask them not to use an anti gun company such as PayPal.

How does your free shipping work?

Items that are marked Free Shipping, ship for free. You will only be charged shipping for items that are NOT free shipping in your cart and not for the items that are free shipping thats in your cart.
Free Shipping is for ITEMS that are clearly marked free shipping. The total of the order does not matter.
Free shipping is for the continental USA only!

Why does my credit card statement read KM Online?
KM Online is our official business name. Please be assured that this is Replica Guns Direct.
Do your guns have orange plugs in the barrel?
By federal law all guns replicas from 1898 and newer must have an orange plug in the barrel.
Gun replicas older then 1898 do not have orange plugs in the barrel.

Can your replicas or blank guns fire real Ammunition?
All of our replica guns are non-firing models. They cannot fire real ammunition or be modified to fire real ammunition. Attempting to modify the replicas is illegal
Our Blank-Firing models can only be fired with the intended, correct blank ammunition.

When will my order ship?
Most order will ship within 24 hours. Some orders may take 2 - 3 business days.

What are my payment options?
Retail customers are required to pay by Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express or pre pay with personal check or money order.

How do I pay with a personal check or Money order?
At check out choose Pay by Check or Money order.
Make the check or money order payable to KM Online
Mail to the following:
KM Online
117 Holmes Ave.
Hamilton, NJ 08610

What are the Air Gun shipping Restrictions?
We are unable to ship air guns (bb guns or pellet guns) into San Francisco CA, Chicago IL, Morton Grove IL, Buffalo NY, Philadelphia PA, New Jersey, Washington DC, Bronx NY, Brooklyn NY, Long Island City NY, Manhattan NY, Queens NY, New York City NY, and Staten Island NY. Persons in New Jersey need a permit for any air gun, and we can only ship to a willing FFL gun dealer for pickup. Michigan residents- .177 cal air rifles and smooth bore (bb only) air pistols are allowed. All other air guns are restricted and we cannot ship them to your area.

How to handle returns?
Authorized returns for merchandise must have a Return Authorization Number displayed on the outside of all the returned packages. No returns will be accepted without prior authorization. Direct all calls regarding returns to customer service - 1 609-638-1569.

How do I calculate my freight?
Shipping charges are calculated based on the weight, dimensions, and destination of the product(s) you purchase. Freight is estimated based on UPS rates, however, charges may vary for P.O. or APO Boxes and will be based on USPS rates. We will contact you via email with tracking information or with updates to shipping information if necessary.