Reflex, Dot and Aim Point Sights

Reflex, Dot and Aim Point Sights
Reflex, Dot and Aim Point Sights

Welcome to Reflex, Dot and Aim Point section of our website. Here you will find optics meant to be used with both eyes open allowing you to have quick acquisition of your targets using a dot or a reticle with out any unneeded and some times hindering iron sights on your gun. We have many questions come in daily asking about these sights and what they do so we thought we would put up a simple Q and A for all of our customers.

Q: What is a Reflex sight?
A: A Reflex sight is a type of optic that projects a simple dot or reticle usually on a pane of glass. They are an open optic allowing you to use both eyes freely with out having to look through a tube or line up a rear and front sight on your rifle. The biggest pluses to these optics are the ability to allow you to have %100 field of view in front of you while having little to no obstruction in your way.

Q: What is a Dot sight?
A: A Dot sight is a marksmanís sight. Using no projection method or any form of extra tech it allows you to adjust windage and elevation with ease. They are meant to line up with your front iron sight to allow you to have a precise pinpoint view, with one eye open, of your target.

Q: What is an Aim Point?
A: An Aim Point is much like a Reflex sight. Using a light to project a dot or retitcle on a pain of glass inside of a tube rather than in an open area it is mainly used for one eye use. These are a lot more durable because they can take shocks and drops much better than Reflex can because of the tube construction; this may hinder the use of both eyes open allowing you to get a %100 field of view. These are excellent for night and allow it so you donít have iron sights in your way when you are aiming.
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